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Happy new year all! This year's new project is Codex:Demiurg, a new spin on Dwarves in space. Check it out.


Just a comment on my reasoning behind not having Squat tanks - although yes they are mechanical geniuses and would have no problem creating all manner of small to medium-sized tanks, I was following the original fluff that they would have no reason to. Squat Homeworlds are generally high-G worlds where the Squats live underground or in strongholds to protect themselves from the harsh conditions. Its because of this that Squats in Epic had only their super-heavies and tunnellers, because these were the vehicles most suited to the environment in which they lived.

Other than that, not much else to report on the Squat front, and no changes to the army list at the moment.

Codex Daewar

Daewar have long memories and never forget an act of treachery or a broken promise. The relationship between the Homeworlds and the Imperium has always been strained, and the history of the two peoples is studded with bouts of war and ill-feeling. Daewar are not diplomatic by nature, their brutal manners and fierce tempers do not always inspire confidence in men. Eldar regard them as little more than beasts and only barely preferable to Orks. But the Daewar care little for the effete ways of men or the mincing delicacies of the Eldar. Daewar are robust in body and bluff in manner, and consider other races fragile and lacking in the good, honest Daewar virtues of comradeship and directness.

As a race in Warhammer 40,000, Squats have been largely ignored since the release of 2nd edition, and to add insult to injury have been completely dropped by Games Workshop in the current line of Warhammer 40,000 universe games (ie 40k, Epic40k and BFG). Lack of new miniatures for Squats for several years, as well as Games Workshop's claim that Squats have nothing new to offer have meant that Squats players have been left without a decent army list for far too long. Basically, I think that its actually a case of effect of cause, as opposed to cause and effect. The reason that Squats had nothing new to offer is because Games Workshop gave them nothing new whatsoever to work with. Give an army no new miniatures for 2 years, no articles in White Dwarf, then that army WILL disappear.

One large point of contention with the Squats have been their name of 'Squats'. I have chosen the term 'Daewar', taken of course from one of the Dwarven races of the Dragonlance universe. The origins of this name with regards to the Squats can of course be found in the History page.

Society for the Prevention of Killing Off of Squats

Originally the goal of my page was not to become a centre of Squat information, but with the growing loss of regularly updated Squat sites about the net, I have made it somewhat of a goal to remind the newer players of what the Squats were, and how great a race they were. Whenever a player on a 40k forum comes up with the question 'What were the Squats', its my goal to make it so that either myself or someone who has seen my site and liked it will direct that player here, so that they can revel in the glory that is the Squat race.

The army has seen a fair amount of play-testing, and I myself am finally going about the gathering of Squat miniatures so that I can exact vengeance on some Imperial scum personally. If you have any comments or critiques, please feel free to contact me. Either e-mail or forum is fine.

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